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How To Use A Rotary Cutter

Let me begin by saying a few words about rotary cutters. What exactly are they? Exactly how do they work? Before I get started, here are three different quilt rotary cutters available at Amazon.

Somerset Star Fabric Christmas Cards!

Make some handmade greeting cards that will be treasured for a lifetime! It is not only going to be a great way to show all of your Christmas card recipients that you have quilted

Remarkable “Ruby Reds” Free Quilt Pattern

The throw is embellished with scrappy red-and-white star blocks that will capture your heart. Three different versions of the same star block are created by cleverly mixing prints in different ways. To make her

“Chevron Shuffle” Mini Quilt

We would like to introduce to you the “Chevron Shuffle” mini quilt, an absolutely stunning design that incorporates shuffling half-square triangles into what is more of a “focus” layout. When following the basic tutorial

Songbird-Tree-Sun Applique Wall Quilt!

Ring in spring with this songbird-tree-sun applique wall quilt! Here is a free quilting tutorial and printable appliques that will surely help you ring in spring, even if it’s not yet quite time to

12 Free Patterns In One! (Bitty Blocks)

Don’t miss out on these 12 free mini quilt block tutorials! PRESENTING THE BITTY BLOCKS QUILT TUTORIAL! We present to you now an unmatchably cool and unique (and FREE) quilting tutorial, or, we should

Splendid Strata Star Table Topper!

Here is a FREE quilting tutorial for this incredibly beautiful, yet very easy to put together, table topper. Besides the name of Spinning Star, this one is also sometimes called Card Tricks and the

Amazing Applique Wall Quilt!

Ring in spring with this “Pretty Petalled Flowers” quilt! Are you tired of the plain old hexagon flower quilts that you generally see for springtime quilts? If so, here is an awesome tutorial, complete

Beautiful Butterfly Charm Blocks

Imagine a quilt made up of these distinct, unique, and very beautiful butterfly charm blocks! Be warned, however, for those of you (and there are many of us) who prefer quilting projects that don’t

Holiday Home For Christmas Wall Quilt!

This holiday wall quilt will be a great addition to any home! This one’s perfect for your main entryway, as well as when hung at any other location in your home. There is something

Fabulous Folded Fabric Wreath!

You can very easily make an amazing wreath using folded fabrics. Colors for any season work great for this project! For example, an assortment of pastel prints would make a wonderful Easter wreath, and

Fantastic Fabric Snowflakes!!

It does not require any sewing to accomplish this project! There is no doubt that everyone who sees these beautiful fabric snowflakes will be enchanted by their beauty. You can hang them on your

Delightful Double Churn Dash Block!

Whether you finish one, or make several for a bigger project, it is up to you! This block is particularly interesting because there is a Churn Dash within a Churn Dash. Moreover, the block

Perfect “Pop-Star” Quilt Block!

A variety of quilt projects can be made with this one! As pretty as this block is, it will be perfect to be used in many types of quilting projects due to its versatility.

Nifty Nine-Patch Quilt With Scraps!

If you choose your favorite colors, it will be perfect! Do you find yourself swimming in scraps all the time? As you can see from this picture, this beautiful quilt was made exclusively from

Remarkable Rag Quilt!

WHETHER YOU WANT IT TO BE BIG OR SMALL, IT IS UP TO YOU! I love making rag quilts because they are so easy to make and are extremely cuddly once they are completed.