Hi and Welcome! My name is Rhonda, and I am the sole owner/operator/editor/do everything else person who runs Epic Quilting! Thanks for stopping by!

I first want to say that I loved sewing (not quilting) many years before I learned how to quilt.

A good friend of mine took me to a quilting show during 2006, and I was hooked!

Since then, I have pretty much morphed from sewing to quilting, mainly to provide my friends and family with cool quilts for special occasions.

My quilting journey began, like I said before, during 2006. This beginning quilting mainly included just simple quilting projects (wall hangings and smaller lap quilts). I then progressed to full-size quilts and got to be good at those.

I then decided to take on free-motion quilting. That was the biggest battle I had…learning how to get smooth curves required for the type of free-motion quilting that I wanted to do.

After literally about another one to two years of practicing free-motion quilting, I was finally able to convince myself that I thought I had that skill down, which I actually did!

If you are a beginner and ever need help with learning the easiest way to very quickly rip out of a seam, I am the one to ask haha!

If course, if you have any questions about beginning on up to advanced quilting, I definitely encourage you to drop me a line with your questions. You can easily contact me via my contact form here!

I would like to thank you for visiting, and do check back, as I plan to add a free quilting pattern every day, as well as helpful information articles and anything else I can think of that is quilting related!

Thanks much for visiting, and I hope you return soon!