Lovely “Layer Cake Loop” Quilt!

Layer cake quilts are quilts made from precut fabric squares, also called layer cakes, that are machine sewed together. The term “layer cake” was coined by Moda Fabrics. Layer cakes are made up of a stack of 40 or 42 fabrics from a fabric line that have been cut into 10-inch squares. 

Larger pieces of fabric allow for more exciting design possibilities than strips alone.

For this free pattern, you will need either one layer cake in print fabrics, or 36 print squares that are 10 inches x 10 inches. To achieve the appearance of your quilt like the one in the featured image here, it is highly recommended that you avoid any non-print (solid color) squares.

Also needed for this pattern are:

5/8 yard binding 

3 1/4 yards backing

The finished quilt size measures 48½ x 48½ inches. Seams needed for this quilt are the standard ¼ inch throughout.

In a nutshell, the 10-inch fabric blocks are cut into uneven sizes and then sewn together to create the layered look.

Fabric requirements and instructions are also provided in this free pattern to make larger quilts, including one that measures 72½ x 72½ inches and another that measures 84½ x 84½ inches, if you’re feeling really ambitious!

Here is the pattern link

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