Fabulous “Floating Squares” Quilt Pattern

Fabulous “Floating Squares” Quilt Pattern!

Although this gorgeous free quilt pattern was originally designed for beginning quilters, rest assured that even advanced quilters will absolutely love how easily this quilt goes together!

Using a fresh and clever take on the traditional Economy block (Square-in-a-Square block), this quilt is a beautiful example of how classic blocks can be reinterpreted. Because the squares “float” within the block, there is no need to match the points of the squares. In addition to that, you can’t cut them off when you’re sewing the blocks together. For this reason, it is a good choice for beginners.

There are 21 fat quarters required to make this quilt. With three fat quarters, you will be able to make six blocks that measure 9 inches (finished). If you have a bundle of fat quarters on hand, this is a great way to use them up, or you can create your own combinations if you have just single ones. A quilt in any pleasing color palette will, of course, be a beautiful piece of art.

Triangles are created by cutting squares on the diagonal in order to create them. Thus, the outer edges of the garment will be on the bias and will have a bit of stretch to them. To minimize the stretch in your fabric, starch it before cutting it and handle the pieces gently as you do so.

This completed quilt has been designed by Taunja Kelvington from Carried Away Quilting, and measures 68 1/2 inches by 77 1/2 inches when completed. As long as you adjust the number of blocks (and the borders in accordance) you can easily adjust the size of the quilt to meet your needs. There are many projects that can be used these blocks in, including those that require 9-inch finished Economy blocks for their finishes.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: carriedawayquilting.com

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