Gorgeous “Garden Time” Wall Quilt Pattern!

In this free wall hanging quilt pattern, you will use both appliqué and piecing techniques to create this stunning quilt. Appliqué is a technique where fabric is cut into shapes, then attached to a background fabric, while piecing involves cutting fabric into small pieces and joining them together to create a larger quilt. By combining … Read more

Remarkable “Ruby Reds” Free Quilt Pattern

This throw is embellished with scrappy red-and-white star blocks that will capture your heart. Three different versions of the same star block are created by cleverly mixing prints in different ways. However, if reds aren’t your “thing,” varying shades of virtually any color would also be amazing! To make her quilt, the designer Lila Taylor … Read more

“Chevron Shuffle” Mini Quilt

We would like to introduce to you the “Chevron Shuffle” mini quilt, an absolutely stunning design that incorporates shuffling half-square triangles into what is more of a “focus” layout. When following the basic tutorial instructions and material requirements, this mini quilt measures just 24 x 24 inches, making it a great project that can be … Read more

12 Free Patterns In One! (Bitty Blocks)

Don’t miss out on these 12 free mini quilt block tutorials! PRESENTING THE BITTY BLOCKS QUILT TUTORIAL! We present to you now an unmatchably cool and unique (and FREE) quilting tutorial, or, we should say, 12 different tutorials for what the designer, quiltmaker.com, calls Bitty Blocks. This quilt is made up entirely of tiny blocks that … Read more

Captivating “Economie Zoologie” Scrap Buster Quilt!

Here is one of the most fascinating scrap buster quilting projects I have ever come across. This one’s titled the Economie Zoologie quilt pattern, designed by Ann Kelle of RobertKaufman.com, and is offered as a free downloadable and printable quilting pattern that provides you with complete step-by-step instructions for putting together one of these incredible quilts. … Read more