Splendid Strata Star Table Topper!

Here is a FREE quilting tutorial for this incredibly beautiful, yet very easy to put together, table topper. Besides the name of Spinning Star, this one is also sometimes called Card Tricks and the Strata Star.

Although this project would appear to be very difficult to sew, particularly to a beginning quilter, it truly is a very simple project that even a beginner can be successful at!

Additionally, this project is very simple to increase or decrease in size, and there are various ways to do this…you could either make the individual strips you use wider or narrower than the instructions, or longer or shorter that the lengths the instructions call for.

If you do decide to venture off on your own, the only thing you will need to keep in mind is to be consistent with the lengths and widths of strips you use, for all blocks within the Spinning Star!

We have included the link to the printable and downloadable pdf pattern directly below.

Here is a link to the pdf for this pattern

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