Hallmark “Hope Chest” Quilt!

Mix and match fabrics from your fabric stash for this easy-to-make quilt!

There is something so appealing about scrappy-look quilts – especially if they are easy to stitch and feature beautiful fabrics, like this one does.

The process of choosing fabrics for this quilt will be such a lot of fun as you go through your stash of fabrics. If you want to create a scrappy look, you can choose a variety of fabrics that are similar in value, or you can coordinate the colors around a particular color scheme.

Erin Turner designed this quilt for Penny Rose Fabrics, and it is very simple for anyone to assemble. The overall pattern is made up of squares and rectangles. The most amazing thing about this project is that there are no triangles involved at all!

Upon completion, the quilt will measure 54 inches by 62 inches. If you wish to adjust the size of the quilt, you can simply add or delete rows of blocks.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: rileyblakedesigns.com

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