Fabulous Folded Fabric Wreath!

You can very easily make an amazing wreath using folded fabrics.

Colors for any season work great for this project! For example, an assortment of pastel prints would make a wonderful Easter wreath, and one made with your favorite fall colors would also be magnificent!

In order to create this beautiful wreath, triangles of fabric are used as the main building blocks. To create the units that make up a wreath, a folding technique similar to that used in origami is used.

Make the wreath by sewing the individual units together, attaching the hanging loop to the wreath, and decorating it with beading, sequins, or buttons if you wish.

Although this project is a very simple project, there is some hand sewing involved. As a result, this makes it an excellent project to take along once the machine stitching has been completed.

When finished, the wreath, designed by Lynne Edwards at Gathered, measures about 11 inches across at the widest point. Additionally, you can omit the outer ring from the larger version if you wish to make it smaller.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: gathered.how

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