The World’s Best-Ever Beginner Quilting Pattern (Free)!


Here is a totally FREE, step-by-step quilting pattern that even someone who is pretty new to sewing anything can put together!

Even for those of you who are not beginners and have made many quilts already, this particular pattern gives you a great way to use up those scraps of fabric you have sitting around and are not sure what you could ever do with them.

The squares (blocks) on this quilt are each basically made up of two squares of fabric — one representing the front side and one representing the back side.

The squares are sewn together, individually stuffed with polyester fiberfill or your choice of stuffing, and then joined to each other thereafter.

Truly a very simple pattern, even for a beginning quilter!

Additionally, even if you don’t get the seams perfect, this particular quilting method is very forgiving, as the puffiness it brings with it really tends to hide imperfections perfectly!

I hope you give this one a try, whether you are a beginner or more advanced quilter!

Here is the pattern

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