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Songbird-Tree-Sun Applique Wall Quilt!

Ring in spring with this songbird-tree-sun applique wall quilt!

Here is a free quilting tutorial and printable appliques that will surely help you ring in spring, even if it’s not yet quite time to do so!

This particular one is a great scrap buster! Additionally, there is quick-method fusible applique information included at a link within the tutorial, that will have you completing this portion of the project in a snap!

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The link via the oval blue button below also includes all of the needed appliques to complete this quilt, including the songbird, tree and leaves, and the sun in the upper-right corner. For this project, other recommended materials and tools, other than scrap fabric, include applique fusible web such as Steam-A-Seam, and then just the basics including scissors and iron.

One thing we felt was very important to make note of is that, for some reason, this particular tutorial does not provide any information whatsoever regarding what size the fabric that you attach your appliques to should be. However, this will give you some leeway and you will be able to choose exactly what size you feel looks great to you, depending on the way you set the appliques. There are probably quite a few sizes of fabric you could use and end up with a great result!

Here is the pattern link

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