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Remarkable Rag Quilt!


I love making rag quilts because they are so easy to make and are extremely cuddly once they are completed. The best thing about them is that they are loved by both kids and adults alike. You simply need to select fabrics in colors that will be loved by the owner.

As flannel frays easily, it is the ideal fabric for this project. However, quilting cottons as well as soft denim are also suitable options. There is batting in the center of this lovely child’s quilt, but it would go more quickly if it were layered with fleece or flannel instead of batting. As long as they are cut the same size as the quilt’s front and back squares, there is no need to worry about batting showing when the blocks are sewed together (although cotton batting will also work well with the “rag” edges of the quilt).

It is up to you what size squares you want to cut. For the quilt above, the edges were trimmed to 6 1/2 inches after they had been layered. Next, sew all the layered squares together, making sure that all the seam allowances are showing on the top of the quilt. For this quilt, I would recommend using a half-inch seam allowance rather than a 1/4 inch one as the half-inch will fray more nicely.

The seam allowances should be trimmed so that they will fray in the wash and produce the “rag” effect in the garment. There is no doubt that scissors work, but fabric snips are much easier on your hands than scissors.

Make your own wonderful rag quilt by playing around with fabric type, color, and even block layout to make your own unique design.

Kelly offers basic instructions in The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking in order to get you started. Please take a moment to read through the comments at the bottom of the page for additional tips on the construction process.

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