Love Quilting, Cats, and Halloween? Purrfect!!


Here is a very unique quilt pattern, titled “That Cat,” which was inspired by a Donna Mibus acrylic painting.

The finished quilt, when the same amounts of materials are used as per the free pattern instructions, measures 29 x 32 inches.

Although “That Cat” is truly the star of the show, the assorted orange and black Halloween prints also included as part of the quilt definitely add a very inspiring touch!

The choice is yours — use a bunch of differing patterns for the squares/rectangles within the quilt, or go symmetrical and use just one or a couple of different ones!

If you don’t particularly need a Halloween quilt but love the cat on this quilt as much as I do, consider creating a quilt in blues, magentas, or any other color you prefer.

Any color would work great, although the Halloween version featured here is probably our favorite!

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source:

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