Get This Free Downloadable & Printable Quilt Pattern Right Here!

This beautiful quilt pattern, designed by Erica Jackman, is one of the most lovely I have ever run across!

If you have the motivation, you can also have the pattern, free of charge with no sign-up required!

If you follow the pattern and use the same number of pieces as the pattern directs, you will end up with a stunning quilt that measures 52 x 62 inches (approximately 4 feet x 5 feet).

However, as with all quilts and a little bit of quilting experience, you can easily expand your result to end up with an even larger quilt…or, make it a smaller version by down-sizing the number of pieces, for something such as a great table runner!

Please note that the white and pink trim in the featured image at this page is not part of the finished quilt — instead, that is simply our embellishment to even more show off this gorgeous quilt!

There is a printable template for the block included with the free pattern.

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source:

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