Downright Adorable Christmas Tree Ornaments! (FREE Pattern)

These adorable appliqued Christmas ornaments would look absolutely spectacular on any Christmas tree!

These ornaments are made of felt, and the suggested colors include baby blue, white, beige, pea soup green, and some type of medium brown. For this project, you will also need embroidery floss and ribbon.

The falling snowflakes are simple French knots. If you are unsure how to do a French knot, I have included instructions directly below. This is a very short video that is just shy of 3 minutes in length that will have you up and running regarding doing French knots in no time!

I absolutely love the blanket stitching around the edges of these ornaments, which adds a beautiful finishing touch to the entire project.

Another idea you could consider for this project would be to stuff a small amount of Polyfil stuffing under the various parts of the ornament including the snow, trees, and or the deer and fox if desired. Whether flat or stuffed, these are truly ornaments that will be cherished forever!

Here are the applique templates

Here are the instructions

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