Don’t Let This Free Halloween Potholder Quilting Pattern Get Away!


Just HOW is that favorite Halloween baker you know going to handle her (or his) hot baking cauldrons this year?!?

How’z about with a couple of these absolutely awesome Halloween potholders?

A pair of these would definitely be a very welcome addition to anyone’s Halloween cooking kitchen at this time of year.

Halloween only comes around twice a year, and normally us quilters gotta start quilting a Halloween project way ahead of time…for me, it’s at least a month, normally more.

However, here is a great quilting project that you can easily do in a few days, or even less, depending on your schedule, and would make a great “just because” gift to any of your friends who are into Halloween baking big-time!

Pretty much any fabric print works wonderfully for this project, so get out those scraps that aren’t doing anything except collecting dust and create a wonderfully unique pair of potholders!

For this quilting project, you will need four assorted fabrics (9 inches x 9 inches for the top) (9 inches x 9 inches for the bottom) (hat and star according to the pattern), binding measuring 40 inches x 2 inches, 6 inches x 2 inches for the loop hanger, three 10 inch x 10 inch squares of batting, fusible web, an iron, sewing machine, thread, needle, and embroidery floss.

Here is the pattern

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