Don’t Just Throw Those Leftover Quilting Scraps Away! (FREE Quilting Pattern)


Want to know a great way to use up those long, thin scraps of material that all of us quilters seem to end up having so many of?

I’m willing to bet you already have a ton of these sitting in that particular “place” just taking up space and waiting to be used for a project such as this one.

Well, why not use them to make additional blocks, to sew together to make yet another quilt? The pic featured on this page is just one of a zillion different quilts you could end up creating. No one quilt will ever be identical to another when you use this method.

No matter hard you try, you will never end up with one that looks the same as the other!

You could either sort your leftover scraps ahead of time, by color or size, if you are a more symmetrical person who prefers “evenness” to your blocks.

Or, on the other hand, you could also simply create a hodge-podge of blocks showcasing strips of completely different colors and different widths. There’s no end to what you can do with these.

There is also a lot of wiggle room regarding how large or small you want to make the blocks! The pattern itself gives instructions for sewing up 6-1/2 inch blocks, but if you have a lot of scraps that are either larger or smaller than that, feel free to dream up your own size. You will, of course, probably prefer to make all blocks the same size, although who knows what could come if you decided to switch even that around and create a quilt of these with different sizes of blocks!

Definitely better than just throwing them out! What better way to create a lasting memory of all of the quilts you have created in the past?

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source: Magnolia Bay Quilts

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