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Unique Christmas Tree Napkins – A SNAP to Create!

Christmas will never be the same again…and we mean that in a GOOD way!! There are TONS of excellent beginner quilting projects out there to choose from, but here is one of the best beginner projects that we have come across so far! This is a very, very simple beginning quilting project that can be … Read more

Remarkable “Ruby Reds” Free Quilt Pattern

The throw is embellished with scrappy red-and-white star blocks that will capture your heart. Three different versions of the same star block are created by cleverly mixing prints in different ways. To make her quilt, the designer Lila Taylor Scott used 15 different fabrics with varying amounts of red and white. Since there are a … Read more

Fabulous Folded Fabric Wreath!

You can very easily make an amazing wreath using folded fabrics. Colors for any season work great for this project! For example, an assortment of pastel prints would make a wonderful Easter wreath, and one made with your favorite fall colors would also be magnificent! In order to create this beautiful wreath, triangles of fabric … Read more

Fantastic Fabric Snowflakes!!

It does not require any sewing to accomplish this project! There is no doubt that everyone who sees these beautiful fabric snowflakes will be enchanted by their beauty. You can hang them on your tree, string them together as a garland, or use them in a variety of other ways. You may recall seeing instructions … Read more