Adorable Boo-Ghostly Square! (FREE Quilting Pattern)

This is a free quilting pattern for a 12-inch block. Imagine an entire full-size quilt made up of these blocks!

One suggestion I absolutely love about this pattern is the option to use glow-in-the-dark thread for an extra pop! Free printable templates are available for everything you need to quilt up these unforgettable blocks!

I have to note that this is a more difficult quilting project than normal, as not only is it paper pieced and appliqued, it also involves using organza (the thin, transparent fabric that the two ghosts on each block are made of). The organza in particular is very difficult to work with, because it is so slippery and thin, and wants to move around on you all of the time.

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For “dealing with” the organza, it is best if you use paper-backed fusible web and trace the provided templates backwards onto the paper side, then rough-cut the fusible web outside of the lines of the ghosts. You should then very carefully cut out the center of the fusible paper-backed web to 1/8 inch inside of the drawn line of the ghost template, and then place the fusible web, sticky side down, onto the wrong side of the organza and then fuse the webbing to the organza. This will make working with the organza sooooo much easier!

I hope you give this one a try, and Happy Quilting!

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Here is the pattern

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