Don’t Let This Free Halloween Potholder Quilting Pattern Get Away!

FREE QUICK AND EASY HALLOWEEN POTHOLDER PATTERN WITH APPLIQUES! Just HOW is that favorite Halloween baker you know going to handle her (or his) hot baking cauldrons this year?!? How’z about with a couple of these absolutely awesome Halloween potholders? A pair of these would definitely be a very welcome addition to anyone’s Halloween cooking kitchen at … Read more

Love Quilting, Cats, and Halloween? Purrfect!!

THE ULTIMATE FREE SLEEK “THAT CAT” QUILT PATTERN Here is a very unique quilt pattern, titled “That Cat,” which was inspired by a Donna Mibus acrylic painting. The finished quilt, when the same amounts of materials are used as per the free pattern instructions, measures 29 x 32 inches. Although “That Cat” is truly the … Read more

Get This Free Downloadable & Printable Quilt Pattern Right Here!

This beautiful quilt pattern, designed by Erica Jackman, is one of the most lovely I have ever run across! If you have the motivation, you can also have the pattern, free of charge with no sign-up required! If you follow the pattern and use the same number of pieces as the pattern directs, you will … Read more